In USA Today, Anthony Jones (’21) Writes on the Importance of Studying America’s Founding

As English author G.K. Chesterton explained, patriotism treats one’s country like a family member — you love it simply because it is yours, and that love motivates you to mend any imperfections. Today, that motivating force is rapidly receding. But there’s nothing new here. The medieval philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas once observed, “Love follows knowledge.” Love of country is no different; I believe our lack of patriotism stems from a lack of knowledge.

That’s a quote from “My generation is being raised to hate America — it’s time to stand up for our history,” WCC senior Anthony Jones’ impassioned defense of studying the history and modern relevance of America’s founding principles. “…the American story and its flaws, like any individual person’s,” he says,”should be presented in light of its inherent goodness. The United States is imperfect, but its imperfections are only a small part of an overall narrative that has championed individual freedom and increased prosperity for all its citizens.”

He concludes that “Some colleges—like mine—offer a holistic perspective of American history and honor our characteristic values. If you are a proud American, consider attending or supporting these colleges and aspire to continually fulfill the mission of our Constitution’s preamble: to ‘secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.’ The stakes are higher than ever, and we hold the nation’s fate in our hands.”

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