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Once you have submitted your contact information (below), you will be taken to the application page. You will also be emailed a link to your application, allowing you to exit and re-enter the application as needed. Please fill out the application form in its entirety, and feel free to contact us with any questions at . Please note that, while you are free to submit application materials at any time, applications for the 2023-2024 academic year will be reviewed beginning September 1.

Application Requirements

Choose one of the following essay topics and write for the length specified in the prompt itself. In responding to whichever prompt you choose, please pay attention to the genres of writing that are listed for each prompt (prose, poetry, short story). You are free to pick from those options; this gives you the freedom to showcase your creativity, skill, and thoughtfulness. 

Applicants should give great care to completing, proofreading, and presenting their essay. The essay must be the applicant’s own work, with minimal advice and suggestions from others. The Admissions Office may request additional writing samples or may seek to evaluate your writing ability in other ways. Please type and double-space the essay using a 12-point font. 

Topic #1 (Prose, 2-3 pages): At All Souls College in Oxford, it is traditional to present students with only one word instead of a full essay prompt. Choose from one of the following:

  • Wild
  • Wisdom
  • Wonder

Topic #2 (Prose, poetry, short story, 1-3 pages): Do you dare to eat a peach? (T.S. Eliot)

Topic #3 (Prose, 1,000 words): Describe any painting you would like using exactly one thousand words. Please attach a copy of the chosen painting.

Topic #4 (Prose, 2-3 pages): Superstring theory has revolutionized speculation about the physical world by suggesting that strings play a pivotal role in the universe. Strings, however, always have explained or enriched our lives, from Theseus’s escape route from the Labyrinth, to kittens playing with balls of yarn, to the single hair that held the sword above Damocles, to the Old Norse tradition that one’s life is a thread woven into a tapestry of fate, to the beautiful sounds of the finely tuned string of a violin, to the children’s game of cat’s cradle, to the concept of stringing someone along. Use the power of string to explain the biggest or the smallest phenomenon. (Taken from the University of Chicago)

Topic #5 (Prose, short story, 2-3 pages): GK Chesterton says, “An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; and adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.” Furthermore, the Latin root of the word adventure is “advenire,” which means “to arrive.” Tell about how an adventure you went on or want to go on was an inconvenience wrongly considered. At what did you arrive?

Topic #6 (Prose, short story, 2-3 pages): Nevertheless I long — I pine, all my days — to travel home and see the dawn of my return.” (Homer, quoting Odysseus). What is the meaning of home? Why do we want to go there? How does that compare to the desire so many young people have to get away?

Topic #7 (Prose, 2-3 pages): Some mathematical theories and systems were conceived as pure theory before mathematicians realized they had real-world applications (eg, non-Euclidean geometry). Does this mean that mathematics is invented? That is, is math real? If so, where does it exist?

Topic #8 (Prose, 2-3 pages): “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” -Thucydides 

Is a personal experience of danger necessary for true scholarship?


The essay can be attached to the online application, or can be submitted in pdf form to .

In 1.5-2 pages, respond to either of the following:

1) Make a case that you are a good fit for Wyoming Catholic College.

2) Explain why you are attracted to the model of academic inquiry practiced at WCC.

Whichever topic you choose, tie in any or all of the following: your personal experience of and desire for education, the WCC Philosophical Vision Statement, the Academic Catalog, and/or the Outdoor Program.

The personal statement can be attached to the online application, or can be submitted in pdf form to .

Official highschool and college transcripts are issued by the school, with a seal and signature. For applicants registered with an established homeschool curriculum, an official transcript from the curriculum provider is adequate. Other homeschooled applicants are to submit information, signed by a parent, about the curricular materials they used, listing the subjects, major texts, and grades.

Wyoming Catholic College requires that all students submit standardized test scores as part of their application. The College prefers that applicants complete the Classic Learning Test, or CLT, as this exam is a more accurate diagnostic of students’ strengths.  For more information, visit

WCC also accepts the SAT and ACT. WCC requires standardized test score reports be sent from the testing companies directly to the Admissions Office; please visit or or to request scores. Our code numbers are 4748 for the SAT and 5001 for the ACT.


Score requirements: Although WCC does not have a set minimum requirement for the CLT, SAT, or ACT scores, these scores are an important part of the overall evaluation. The average CLT score of our current students is 85. The average SAT score of our current students is 1282 combined; for the ACT it is 26. In our experience, scores above the 50% percentile in every subject area are associated with an ability to succeed academically while leaving time for enjoying the outdoor activities that are an important part of the education at WCC.

When the application has been successfully completed and the applicant has received medical clearance, the Admissions Office will contact the applicant to set up a telephone interview.

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