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Application Requirements

Upon entering your contact information, you will be directed to the Admissions Application Form 2024-2025. Additionally, you will receive a link to your application via email, allowing you to exit and re-enter the application as needed. Please make sure you fill out all parts of the application to the best of your abilities. Applications for the 2024-2025 school year will be reviewed starting on September 1st, 2023. Please do not hesitate to email with any questions that arise.


Choose one of the following essay topics. In addition to showing thoughtfulness and creativity, applicants should give great care to completing, proofreading, and presenting their essay. The essay must be the applicant’s own work, with minimal advice and suggestions from others. The Admissions Office may request additional writing samples or may seek to evaluate your writing ability in other ways. Please type and double-space the essay using a 12-point font. 

Topic #1 (2-3 pages): At All Souls College in Oxford, it is traditional to present students with only one word instead of a full essay prompt. Choose from one of the following:

  • Wild
  • Wisdom
  • Wonder

Topic #2 (2-3 pages): “A rational person, even if he does not believe in God, should live his life as though God does exist, and try to believe in Him. For the reward that God promises to those who seek Him is an infinite good, while any earthly goods that one might lose by seeking Him can only be finite goods.” Is Pascal’s Wager a compelling reason to believe in God, and to live in accordance with Him?

Topic #3 (1,000 words): Describe any painting you would like using exactly one thousand words. Please attach a copy of the chosen painting.

Topic #4 (2-3 pages): Some mathematical theories and systems were conceived as pure theory before mathematicians realized they had real-world applications (eg, non-Euclidean geometry). Does this mean that mathematics is invented? That is, is math real? If so, where does it exist?

The essay can be submitted in pdf form to .

In one page or less (single spaced, in 12 point font), please describe why you believe you would thrive at Wyoming Catholic College, and why you are attracted to its model of academic inquiry.

You may answer these questions however you wish, using your personal experience of education, the WCC Philosophical Vision Statement, the Academic Catalog, and/or the Outdoor Program.

The personal statement can be submitted in pdf form to .

Official high school and college transcripts are issued by the school, with a seal and signature.

For applicants registered with an established homeschool curriculum, an official transcript from the curriculum provider is adequate.

Other homeschooled applicants are to use this transcript form.

Wyoming Catholic College requires that all students submit standardized test scores as part of their application. The College prefers the Classic Learning Test (CLT), as this exam is the most accurate assessment of a student’s aptitude for WCC’s classical curriculum. For more information, visit

The SAT and ACT are also accepted. Standardized test score reports must be sent from the testing companies directly to the Admissions Office. Please visit or to request scores. Our code numbers are 4748 for the SAT and 5001 for the ACT.

Although there isn’t a minimum score requirement for the CLT, SAT, or ACT, these scores are an important part of the admissions evaluation.

Wyoming Catholic requires students to embark on breathtaking yet challenging trips in the outdoors, therefore it is necessary for the outdoor program to know of any medical history and/or conditions that may involve extra preparation. Please fill out the form here.

When the application has been completed, the Admissions Office will contact the applicant to set up a remote interview with one of our faculty members.

Additional Admissions Requirements