Orientation Information and Important Steps for all New Students

Freshmen Welcome Team

Lucas Preble, Ed.D.

Dean of Student Services

Rinju Chenet

Director of Admissions

Emily Gecosky

Assistant Director of Admissions

Joseph White

Admissions Counselor

Joseph Fredriksson

Director of Student Life

Elizabeth Rensch

Residential Life Coordinator

Christina Bolin

Director of Financial Aid

Jennifer Westman


April Pendleton

Director of Business Office

Questions? Contact Dr. Lucas Preble: lpreble@wyomingcatholic.edu 877.332.2930 ext. 1988

If you have already received your financial package from the Financial Aid Office, please send a signed copy of it back to Christina Bolin, the Director of Financial Aid, within thirty days of receipt of your package. If you still need to apply for financial aid, please visit our financial aid page for details.  If you do not need financial aid, please contact Mrs. Bolin to request a financial package from her. She will get that to you as soon as possible.

Enrolled students are officially registered for the academic year when all required forms are completed and signed by the student and received by the Registrar.  These forms include, but are not limited to, proof of health insurance, Physical Examination Form and subsequent health updates, Registration Form, Acknowledgement of Access to Educational Records, Assumption of Risk form, and Photo Release.

Emergency Contact Form

Please complete this form before arriving to campus

Photo Release for Students

Over the Age of 18 and Under the Age of 18 

Risk Waiver

All students must complete this risk waiver before matriculating at WCC

Hose Safety Waiver 

All students must complete this horse safety protocols waiver before riding horses at WCC

Vehicle Registration Form

Any student planning on having a vehicle on campus must complete this form

Bicycle Registration Form
Any student keeping a bicycle on campus must complete this form
Student Driver Application Form (optional)
Any student intending to drive shuttles for the college or otherwise be a college drive, must complete this form
Access to Educational Records Found here
Upon arrival to campus, each student will receive a class schedule as well as all the book necessary for the semester. A physical copy of the academic calendar will also be made available

Freshman 21-Day Expedition Course Preparation

It is expected that all incoming freshmen will complete the 21-day trip prior to starting classes in the fall. However, we understand that there might be a legitimate need to defer the trip until the following year. Because the 21-day trip is a requirement of the academic curriculum, the only person that can approve a deferment is the Academic Dean. To request a deferment of the 21-day trip, please complete this form.

Deferment Request Form 

If you have not already submitted a medical questionnaire, please do so at your earliest convenience:

Wyoming Catholic is committed to fostering a community whose love for the True, the Good, and the Beautiful permeates every aspect of life on campus.  Our campus code of conduct strives to reflect that love in relation to the demands of our unique intellectual program and the formation which we strive to offer our students.  We are proud of attracting the caliber of student who shares this dedication to our community and its customs as a part of his or her own character development.

Specific guidelines that our students follow are covered in greater detail below, and clearly spelled out in our Student Handbook.  They include a zero-tolerance policy for the misuse of drugs and alcohol, a business professional dress code for academic and liturgical events, an evening curfew, and a technology policy emphasizing the value of personal, rather than virtual, interaction.  Further, students are effectively made the stewards of this vision for our community, both by the emphasis placed on personal responsibility and the opportunity for students to serve as residence life staff.

Once you have read through the handbook, please complete this waiver, please follow this link.

Guns & Weapons

Students are permitted to bring guns to campus with the provision that they are stored with the College according to its policies. All students who wish to bring firearms to school must declare them to the designated college staff member and must receive the permission of the Academic Dean. Students are then able to check their firearm out for hunting or recreational use during the school year. However, students may not conceal carry on campus. Knives are also permitted on campus if the blade is less than six inches in length.

Students who choose to bring a firearm to campus must fill out this waiver

Cellphone Storage

Students may not have either a cell phone or internet-capable device (i.e., an iPod touch) on their person while school year is in session. These devices are stored with the Office of Student Life and may be checked out over academic breaks or times of travel, including outdoor trips when appropriate. For a greater explanation visit our page on the Technology Policy.

Students who choose to bring a cellphone to campus must fill out this waiver

Housing Preference Form

The apartments house four students, sharing two bedrooms per apartment; the Holy Rosary dormitory rooms house two students sharing one bedroom in a hall of 8 bedrooms; riverside dormitory rooms house 4 freshmen to a room.  Freshmen will be placed in housing arrangements exclusive to freshmen (i.e.freshmen will not share rooms with upperclassmen unless by specific request). Since we want you to be able to live happily, it is important that you answer the following questions.  Feel free to add further details in the comments section at the bottom.  The information will assist the Office of Student Life in arranging roommates for students.  You can check with the Director of Student Life after July 15th to receive your assignment. Please follow this link to submit your form.


Below are the dates for the airport shuttles during the 2023-2024 Academic Year as well as information regarding deadlines for making reservations.  Please note, this schedule is subject to updates as needed, so, if you are a parent, please ensure that your email on file with the school is one you actively use; students will be updated only via their school email as well as in person announcements. To reserve a seat on a shuttle for all shuttles please go to: https://wyomingcatholic.edu/fee-payment/
For the initial freshman shuttle, please use the travel form that has been sent out via email by our registrar.  Please also note that for any parent who is accompanying their child on the freshmen shuttle to Lander, there is no return shuttle to the airport for parents. For questions regarding the Freshmen Shuttle on July 25th, please email Shuttle@wyomingcatholic.edu
Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) Shuttles
Salt Lake City Airport shuttle requests must be made two months in advance of the shuttle date.
Salt Lake City to Lander (Beginning of Fall Semester)
  • July 24th (Monday) (Freshmen and Parents ONLY) (Free)
  • August 6th (Sunday) (Wilderness First Responders Course Participants Shuttle) ($60)
  • August 18th (Friday) (Start of Classes Shuttle) ($60)
The above shuttles will leave Salt Lake City for Lander by 5:00pm, so please make sure your flight lands by 4:00pm.
Lander to Salt Lake City (End of Fall Semester)
  • December 16th (Saturday) ($60)
Please schedule your flights leaving from Salt Lake City for after noon.
Salt Lake City to Lander (Beginning of Spring Semester)
  • January 4th (Thursday) (Freshmen and Winter Trip Leaders ) ($60)
  • January 12th (Friday) (Beginning of Spring Semester) ($60)
As with the fall semester returning shuttles, the above shuttles will leave Salt Lake City for Lander by 5:00pm, so please make sure your flight lands by 4:00pm.
Lander to Salt Lake City (End of Spring Semester)
  • May 14th (Tuesday) ($60)

Please schedule your flights leaving from Salt Lake City for after noon.

There will be a second shuttle for Leader Week participants, but the exact date is still being determined in conjunction with the Outdoor Leadership Program.

Riverton Airport (RIW) Shuttles
We can take a student to or from Riverton anytime (excepting Nov. 1st, Nov. 23rd, Dec. 8th, Dec. 18th through Jan. 3rd, and March 29th through 31st) so long as we have a week’s notice. As much as we would like to offer shuttles to non-students, we do not offer shuttles to non-students.  The Riverton Airport shuttles will only be free for students if they are not missing any class days as a result of their traveling. If one is planning on missing any class days, the student should make arrangements with their professors and the Academic Dean in addition to scheduling a shuttle, which will cost $20.

This letter from the Academic Dean includes a selection of readings to do in preparation for the trip.  These readings are meant to facilitate your reflection on your experience of the outdoors and to connect those experiences to your upcoming studies this fall. Please read prior to your arrival on campus.

Read HERE.


Holiday Inn Express WCC Recommendation307-332-4005 1002 N 11th Sthttp://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress
Travelodge Inn at Lander 307-332-2847260 Grand View Dr www.theinnatlander.com
Pronghorn Lodge 307-332-3940 150 E Main St www.pronghornlodge.com
Frontier Lodge 307-332-2300 808 Main St www.frontierlodgelander.com
The Mill House 307-349-9254 125 Main St www.millhouselander.com


Sleeping Bear RV Park & Campground307-332-5159 715 E Main St (near Holy Rosary) www.sleepingbearrvpark.com
Twin Pines RV Park & Campground 307-332-4008 7345 Hwy 789 (approx 8 miles out of town) www.twinpinesrvpark.com
Pioneer RV Park 307-332-0155 186 Sunflower (outskirts of town) www.pioneerrv.com
City Park (three day limit)405 Fremont St. https://windriver.org/venue/lander_city_park_public_campground-10/