Joseph White

Admissions Counselor

B.A. (Liberal Arts), Wyoming Catholic College

Joseph White grew up in Sacramento, California before his family moved to Idaho in 2015. Growing up in a city, he welcomed the opportunity to enjoy the wilderness after moving to Idaho. Hiking, biking, swimming, or camping in the snow with his siblings are some of his best memories from childhood. When he heard about the mission of Wyoming Catholic College to challenge students in mind, body, and spirit through the classroom and outdoors, he eagerly entered as a freshman in 2017. It was a shock for him to spend 21 days in the wilderness on the Freshman Expedition. Yet, after spending 21 days as a freshman, he went on to lead the trip two more times. These trips have taught him the beauty of serving God by serving others. He has also led multiple backpacking trips from the Wyoming mountains to the deserts of Utah. Leading people in God’s first book has shown him how the wilderness offer the unique opportunity for himself and others to encounter Christ. Joe is certified as a wilderness first responder and has spent over 150 days in the backcountry. In his spare time, you will find Joe playing frisbee, ice-skating, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and anything else to keep active and moving!