Catherine Mershon

Admissions Counselor

B.A. (Liberal Arts), Wyoming Catholic College

(307) 335-4460

As a teenager at PEAK 2013, I stopped on the corner on the way to class in downtown Lander and thought, “I could do this every day. I could be a Wyoming Catholic College student.” I was born and raised in the beautiful wet and green forests of South Carolina, but then I came to Wyoming and fell in love with the mountains. As a student I particularly enjoyed Socratic discussions, some of the most memorable of which have been in the classroom, in my philosophy professor’s backyard, in the hallway of St. Agnes dormitory, and paddling down the Green River on a raft. As a new alumna of the College, I continue my pursuits in music and the outdoors. One of my primary hobbies is talking to people and explaining why Wyoming Catholic College is so wonderful, which I also get to do for my job.

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