The President's Cabinet

Since Wyoming Catholic College’s earliest years, the President has found it crucial to the administration of the College to hold a regular meeting with members of the administrative team, so that they can keep the president up-to-date on the essential work taking place in their areas of oversight. Additionally, it serves as a valuable sounding board, offering opinions or advice on matters of particular importance to the College. The Cabinet is and has always been (since it was first convened) an advisory body.

Glenn C. Arbery, Ph.D.


Lucas Preble, Ed.D.

Vice President of Student Affairs

Rick Rollino

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Susanka

Vice President of Advancement

Kyle Washut, S.T.L., S.T.M.

Acting Academic Dean and Instructor of Theology

Thomas Zimmer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Leadership and Outdoor Education and Director of Experiential Leadership Program