The College prioritizes a safe campus environment for all our students.

Building Security:
Lander is a very safe town. However, the College still takes precautions to insure the security of all our College buildings. Residence Halls and all other College buildings are always locked, and key codes are required to enter.  Students are provided with keys to their individual room door. The Lander Police Department makes regular rounds by our residence halls to keep an eye out for any threats to our students.

Risk Management Committee:
The College has a Risk Management Committee including the President, Dean, Vice Presidents, Student Life staff, Outdoor Program staff, and Physical Plant staff.  The Committee meets monthly to review the College’s safety protocols, upcoming outdoor trips, school events, and any other safety concerns.

Student Drivers:
The College has a fleet of vehicles which are used for shuttling students to horsemanship, off-site classes, and outdoor trips. The College chooses specific students to serve as drivers on these trips.  All student drivers have been through the College’s Drivers Training program and passed a test in order to be approved to drive a school vehicle. If a student is found to be not driving according to the College’s protocols they are immediately taken off of the list of approved drivers and may no longer drive school vehicles.

Student Safety Meetings:
Periodically the College invites representatives of the Lander City Police Department to address the students on issues regarding safely living in Lander.  The College maintains a strong relationship with the local police department.