"The singing of the Church comes ultimately out of love. It is the utter depth of love that produces the singing."

The Choral Music curriculum at WCC, under the direction of composer-in-residence Paul Jernberg, provides students with a robust musical formation and equips them to offer an invaluable service to the College community and beyond.


In the College Choir, students learn a broad repertoire of beautiful sacred music which they sing for weekly all-school liturgies as well as for important feast day Masses throughout the school year. This repertoire includes a canon of Gregorian chant and classic polyphony (Palestrina, Victoria, Byrd, Tallis, etc.), choral music from the Byzantine Rite, and newer compositions which also participate in the radiant witness of our great Catholic sacred music heritage. Additionally, the College Choir prepares and performs great sacred and secular works, new and old, for concerts and other special events. Finally, the Choir learns a variety of delightful folk music to share with the entire College community both on campus and on trips and expeditions.


In the Choral Scholars program, a smaller group from the College Choir meets for an additional weekly session devoted to formation and further rehearsal. This formation is designed to prepare the students to become knowledgeable and competent leaders in the realm of choral music, so that they can bring this expertise to wherever they go upon completion of their studies at WCC. Among the areas studied and practiced in this program are Solfège / Sight-singing, Vocal & Choral technique, Conducting, Principles of Repertoire, and Church Teaching on Sacred Music. Each year, several scholarships are offered to qualified participants in this program, with priority given to returning upperclassmen. However, this program is not limited to those who are receiving scholarships.


For both the College Choir and the Choral Scholars program, admittance is determined by an audition and interview with the Music Director. 

Music Director