WCC Students Attend Local and State Pro-Life Marches

Due to the timing of this year’s Freshman Winter Trip and the return of the rest of our students to campus for the beginning of the Spring 2023 semester, Wyoming Catholic College’s student body was unable to attend this year’s March for Life in DC or the Walk for Life in San Francisco, as so many of our students have done in the past. Undaunted by the scheduling complexities, they found ways to witness to life this past weekend, all the same.

Many of our students, professors, and their families participated in Lander’s annual Walk for Life, which took place along Main Street on the afternoon of Saturday, January 21st. And our campus branch of Students for Life (known as “Cowboys for Life) attended the Wyoming March in Cheyenne on that same day. “This was an encouraging reminder of the wider context of the fight for life in Wyoming,” said Michael Barrow (’26), President of Cowboys for Life. “It’s not just a legislative or a judicial struggle; it’s a spiritual battle to win hearts for a culture that values all life.”

In addition to our students’ representing the unborn at the state and local level, a number of our professors discussed “Life after Dobbs” on the After Dinner Scholar podcast in the weeks leading up to the marches: Episode #1 and Episode #2.


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