A Year-End Announcement
from The After Dinner Scholar

“The After Dinner Scholar” podcast is a weekly gift from Wyoming Catholic College to its friends and supporters (as well as to the the larger community). It is offered free of charge, and we intend to keep it that way!

It is not, however, free to produce or to distribute. Dr. James Tonkowich, our Director of Distance Learning and the show’s mellifluous host, expends a good deal of time and energy on its creation each week—finding and researching a timely topic; writing his introduction and crafting the questions he will ask; scheduling and interviewing the episode’s guest; downloading the show’s audio files, editing them, and then uploading them to the Podbean server—and a number of the College’s staff members provide technical and behind-the-scenes support, as well.

If you enjoy listening to “our professors, board members, advisors, and guests talk about the books and ideas that they love and that make up our integrated curriculum” each week, please consider a gift to help offset the costs of producing it.

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