God’s Grace, Unfolding at Wyoming Catholic College

“There is such joy in contemplating the reality and goodness of what God has created, in seeing God’s providence and simplicity shining through this world’s complexity. As a man called to the priesthood, I must see the many parts of the Mystical Body and how they work together. And I owe my vision to God’s grace as it unfolded at Wyoming Catholic College.”
Father Trevor Lontine (’14), Archdiocese of Denver

The world understands success in terms of dollar signs, Twitter followers, and political power. But we know that we must hold ourselves to a higher standard, measuring success in terms of the good that we do and the lives that we touch.

With every passing day, we learn of the success the graduates of Wyoming Catholic College are having out in the wider world. The one common thread running through all these stories? The education they received here in Lander—an education unique in the world, that challenged and shaped and strengthened them, making them into the extraordinary young men and women they are today.

Earlier this month, in a piece for First Things, “Why I Went to a Catholic College,” alumni Veronica Clarke wrote that “our alma mater makes us anew, unweaving and weaving us back together with the words we read and write, the friendships we make, the virtues we cultivate. Whereas my international school had dissolved all particularity of identity, rubbed out the beautiful traditions students brought with them, ­Wyoming Catholic did the reverse: It taught us to embody and live out the tradition we already, in often hidden ways, shared.”

When you make a gift to Wyoming Catholic College, you are supporting the embodiment of these beautiful traditions, taking a stand for the importance of virtuous, unassuming lives, and for the bright promise shown by her students and graduates. These young men and women, shaped by the College’s challenging curriculum and its embrace of the truth, goodness, and beauty of our Catholic tradition and our rugged Wyoming wilderness, will influence the world’s future profoundly for the good.

P.S. Make a gift online at wyomingcatholic.edu/christmasappeal with a credit or debit card up to 11:59pm on December 31st and have it count for this tax year!

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