The world understands success in terms of dollar signs or Twitter followers or political power. But we know that we must hold ourselves to a different standard of success—to a higher one. We measure success in terms of the good that is done and the lives that are touched and saved. With every passing day, we learn of the good effects the graduates of Wyoming Catholic College are having out in the wider world. The one common thread running through all their stories? The education they received here in Lander—an education I am increasingly comfortable describing as “unique in the world.” It challenged and shaped and strengthened them, making them into the extraordinary young men and women they are today.

When you make a gift to Wyoming Catholic College, you are taking an unequivocal stand for the importance and impact of virtuous, unassuming lives, personified in the bright promise of these students and graduates. You are stating your belief that these young men and women, informed by the College’s challenging curriculum and its immersive embrace of the truth, goodness, and beauty of our Catholic tradition and our rugged Wyoming wilderness, will influence the world’s future profoundly for the good. It is an investment in the broadening circles of influence created by each of these young people, including things none of us will live to see.

Please consider making a gift today, and please be as generous as you can, inspired by the supernatural returns that will result from this investment. It is an investment you should make with hope and confidence, because Providence is at work here in Lander. I see it with growing clarity each and every day!

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Dr. Glenn C. Arbery, President
Wyoming Catholic College