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WCC Launches “Spring Break 2023” Flash Match Campaign

Winter lingers here in Lander—and indeed, across much of the state. The weather is unseasonably cold, which means this year’s Spring Break week comes at a particularly good time for our students.

This is no ordinary Spring Break week, though. Wyoming Catholic College’s observance of this (often infamous) event is as unique as our educational vision. Our academic schedule is paused, but not for raucous partying in some distant beach town. Instead, our students travel once more into the wilderness, immersing themselves in the beauty and reality of God’s Creation.

Various groups will hone their rock-climbing skills, test their grit against whitewater rapids, navigate the labyrinthine mazes of Utah’s mysterious canyons, and practice horsemanship on a beautiful ranch in Northwest Wyoming. In the wilderness—“God’s First Book”—our students’ reading of poetry and philosophy and theology opens up into the challenge and vitality of the natural world once more.

One of the members of our Board of Directors loves what we do so much that he has put up a $25,000 challenge for the entirety of the College’s Spring Break 2023. And so, starting tomorrow, are are launching our first-ever Flash Match Campaign, with the goal of matching this board member’s generous gift over the course of the coming week.

Each day, our Advancement team will be producing a series of emails and social media posts, highlighting a different one of this year’s Spring Break trips, and explaining how our Experiential Leadership Program (ELP) makes use of that particular trip to foster leadership and enhance our students’ experiences, both outside and within the classroom.

You will find these daily highlights at our Campaign website, which will also track our progress towards this $25,000 goal. Please help share these stories, so that we can spread the word about this Spring Break revolution that’s taking place in the beautiful back-country of the Mountain West. And please consider joining this campaign yourself, bringing attention to our extraordinary students and their life-changing adventures in “God’s First Book.”

St. Joseph, Pray for us!

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