Wyoming Catholic College's
Spring Break 2023
Flash Match Campaign


You did it!

Thanks to yesterday’s response, we surpassed our Flash Match Campaign’s $55,000 goal late last night, on the last day of “Spring Break Week.”

Answering a pair of challenge grants from our Board of Directors, Wyoming Catholic College’s supporters made 85 donations since the campaign launched on Sunday. When these gifts were tallied, the total came to $56,153; wonderful news! Even better news? There are still gifts on their way to Lander, which means that our final tally will be even higher.

Thank you!

In his column last week, when President Glenn Arbery encouraged the College’s supporters to consider a gift to this campaign, he said that “this campaign merits the serious attention and sacrifice of our supporters because this education is the perfect antidote for so much of what plagues us.” As a deeply Catholic institution, deeply committed to the unity of faith and reason, we graduate students who bring depth of faith and intellectual perspective and practiced courage into the world. What could be a better investment in the future of the nation and the Church?

Please keep our students and the College community in your prayers as we “head down the homestretch” towards the end of the Spring semester and towards Graduation 2023. And thank you, once again, for all you do for the College and her extraordinary students.

Happy Feast of the Annunciation, and may God bless you.

CAMPAIGN UPDATE (3.23.23): The response to our first round of emails was been tremendous, pushing us well past the $25,000 goal we set ourselves at the beginning of the week. The College was grateful to the Board member who sponsored this challenge, and even more grateful to all of those who helped us meet our goal.

Seeing that there were three days left in our Spring Break, however, another member of the Board stepped forward with a challenge opportunity of their own, “upping the ante” with a $30,000 gift! Inspired by this generosity and by the wonderful response we’d received thus far, we decided to continue the campaign, in the hopes of bringing in $55,000 in support of our wonderful young students and this extraordinary education.

It’s Spring Break week here in Lander. But Wyoming Catholic College’s observance of this (often infamous) event is as unique as our educational vision. Our academic schedule is paused, but not for raucous partying in some distant beach town. Instead, our students travel once more into the back-country, immersing themselves in the beauty and reality of God’s Creation. In the wilderness—“God’s First Book”—our students’ reading of poetry and philosophy and theology opens up into the challenge and vitality of the natural world once more.

One of the members of our Board of Directors loves what we do so much that he has put up a $25,000 challenge for Spring Break 2023. Starting tomorrow, the College is launching its first-ever Flash Match Campaign, with the goal of matching this board member’s generous gift over the course of the coming week.

Each day, our Advancement team will be sending out a series of emails and social media posts, highlighting a different one of this year’s Spring Break trips, and explaining how our Experiential Leadership Program (ELP) makes use of that particular trip to foster leadership and enhance our students’ experiences, both outside and within the classroom.

Monday: Canyoneering in Utah
Tuesday: Shakespeare and Horseshoes in Cody
Wednesday: Desert Retreats in Moab
Thursday: Mission Trip to Christ in the City
Friday: Rafting on Oregon’s Owyhee River

Please help share these stories, so that we can spread the word about this Spring Break revolution that’s taking place in the beautiful back-country of the Mountain West. And please consider joining this campaign yourself, bringing attention to these extraordinary students and their life-changing adventures in “God’s First Book.”

Gifts made through the form below will automatically be assigned to the Match Campaign, and will appear in the Goal Meter at the top of this page as the meter is updated. If you would prefer to make a gift over the phone, via check, or through another philanthropic vehicle (such as stock or mutual fund transfer), please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at—oia@wyomingcatholic.edu or by phone at (877) 332-2930—and the Advancement team will ensure your gift is assigned to the match.