Wrapping Up a Successful “Spring Break Flash Match Campaign”

This past Spring Break, in recognition of Wyoming Catholic College’s unique observance of this (often infamous) event, a member of our Board of Directors put up a $25,000 challenge gift, launching the College’s first-ever Flash Match Campaign.

Each day of the week, our Advancement team produced a series of emails and social media posts, highlighting a different one of this year’s Spring Break trips and explaining how our Experiential Leadership Program (ELP) makes use of that particular trip to foster leadership and enhance our students’ experiences, both outside and within the classroom.

Monday: Canyoneering in Utah
Tuesday: Shakespeare and Horseshoes in Cody
Wednesday: Desert Retreats in Moab
Thursday: Mission Trip to Christ in the City
Friday: Rafting on Oregon’s Owyhee River

The response to the first round of emails was tremendous. By Wednesday, the College had pushed well past the $25,000 goal it had set at the beginning of the week. Seeing that there were three days left in the week, however, another member of the Board stepped forward with a challenge opportunity of their own, “upping the ante” with a $30,000 gift.

Thanks to the generous responses of our donors, we met this challenge, as well, surpassing our Flash Match Campaign’s $55,000 goal late Friday night, on the last day of “Spring Break Week.” The College’s supporters made 88 donations between the campaign’s launch on Sunday and that Friday, and when these gifts were tallied, the total came to $56,208; wonderful news! Even better news? There are still gifts on their way to Lander, which means that the final tally will be even higher.

The week before the match, when President Glenn Arbery encouraged the College’s supporters to consider a gift, he said that “this campaign merits the serious attention and sacrifice of our supporters because this education is the perfect antidote for so much of what plagues us. As a deeply Catholic institution, deeply committed to the unity of faith and reason, we graduate students who bring depth of faith and intellectual perspective and practiced courage into the world. What could be a better investment in the future of the nation and the Church?”

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