This #GivingTuesday, Support Wyoming Catholic College and Its Students

Dear Friends,

There are many worthy causes calling for support these days, and all sincerely in need of funds. The last ten months have created unprecedented challenges for nonprofits everywhere, and the opportunity to support such valuable institutions through these uncertain times is a wonderful way to begin this Advent season. As the president of an institution whose very existence depends on the generosity of others, I think of #GivingTuesday as a wonderful opportunity to remind our friends and benefactors of this College’s great mission.

The education we offer here in Lander cannot be replicated in a virtual world; it cannot exist in an online, filtered setting. Wyoming Catholic College immerses students in the reality of nature and in the challenges of our greatest traditions. This experience is real, and therefore it attracts joyful students, resilient and committed young people, and forms them into men and women—real leaders—who are essentially grounded in the truth of things.

Our students engage with the world as it is. They are prepared to transform it—and they approach the task with faith, with hope, with love.

As the last few months have shown us with terrible clarity, the concerted effort to undermine truth and promulgate a false “reality” has been tremendously destructive. Wyoming Catholic’s education directly counters this cultural destruction. And so, I ask you to join the faculty, staff, students, and families of Wyoming Catholic this #GivingTuesdayPlease consider a gift in support of this vital educational adventure; your generosity will help us face what lies ahead with confidence in the resources of the good. 

May God bless you.




Glenn C. Arbery, Ph.D.

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