#GivingTuesday’s done, but you can still make a gift to WCC today!!

“[We will] continue to offer our students this unique education, which will contribute to the gradual transformation of hearts and minds, the renewal of the nation, and the restoration of the Church.”

Dr. Glenn Arbery, President    

Wyoming Catholic College is an institution committed to educating its students as God created them to be, a magnificent unity of body, mind, and spirit. Our students are steeped in the greatness of the Western intellectual tradition, the grandeur of the mountain wilderness, and a deep, authentic understanding of their Catholic faith. This faith grounds our students, gives them strength, and when combined with our remarkable curriculum and outdoor leadership program, forms them into young men and women that are ready to change our world for the better.

The education we offer here in Lander is a profound immersion in the reality of nature and in the challenges of our greatest traditions. It is an education that attracts joyful students—resilient and committed young people—and forms them into men and women who are essentially grounded in the truth of things. Our students engage with the world as it is—and they are prepared to transform it.

As the last few years have shown us with terrible clarity, the concerted effort to undermine truth and promulgate a false “reality” has been tremendously destructive. Our education directly counters this cultural destruction, and our graduates are willing and eager to do battle on behalf of the truth. And so, we ask you to consider a gift in support of this vital educational adventure. Your generosity will help us sustain our essential work, and will serve as a testament to the importance of our efforts.

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