College Launches St. Gregory the Theologian Scholarship for Eastern Catholic Students

Since its founding, Wyoming Catholic College has been committed to immersing its students in a direct encounter with the sources of the classical liberal arts tradition and the spiritual heritage of the Catholic Church, and from early on we were convinced that this meant immersing our students not only in the riches of the Western Church but the Eastern Catholic Churches as well.

While the COVID pandemic has left its disruptive footprints here in Lander and at the College, our work continues. And that work includes recruiting students for the upcoming academic year, which will begin (God willing!) in the Fall. As part of that recruitment effort (and in celebration of our first year of full-time Byzantine Catholic Chaplaincy), the College is offering a new scholarship opportunity for first time students who are practicing members of an Eastern Catholic Church, with a GPA of 3.25 or higher. Details on the scholarship can be found HERE.

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