St. Gregory the Theologian Scholarship

Since its founding, Wyoming Catholic College has been committed to immersing its students in a direct encounter with the sources of the classical liberal arts tradition and the spiritual heritage of the Catholic Church, and from early on we were convinced that this meant immersing our students not only in the riches of the Western Church but the Eastern Catholic Churches as well.

In celebration of our first year of full-time Byzantine Catholic Chaplaincy, the College is offering a new scholarship opportunity for first time students who are practicing members of an Eastern Catholic Church, with a GPA of 3.25 or higher. (The recipient will receive a scholarship of up to $8,000, which will be renewable for up to four years.)

To Apply:

  • Complete an application to Wyoming Catholic College.
  • Write the scholarship essay, using the prompt below.
  • Write a short paragraph explaining why you are excited to take part in in the Byzantine chaplaincy at WCC and what ways you would like to contribute to its life (i.e. regular attendance at services, cantoring/choir, serving, sacristan, etc.).
  • Provide an endorsement letter from his / her Eastern Catholic Church. If a student attends a Latin Rite Parish (due to lack of proximity to an Eastern Catholic Church), an endorsement letter from the Latin Rite Parish is accepted.

The student awarded the scholarship will need to maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA throughout his or her time at the College and will be asked to provide some regular service to the Byzantine chaplaincy.

Write a short essay (around 750 words) reflecting on what St. Athanasius of Alexandria wrote as a young man when he described how one should come to learn about the Mystery of Christ. Using the reading as a starting point, what should an Eastern Catholic student look for in a College? Why?

St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation

Take the text of the Scriptures and genuinely apply your mind to them, and you will know from them more completely and more clearly the [faith of Christ]…But in addition to the study and true knowledge of the scriptures, there is needed a good life and a pure soul and the virtue which is according to Christ, so that the mind, guided by it, may be able to attain and comprehend what it desires, as far as it is possible for human nature to learn about the God Word. Without a pure mind and a life modeled on the saints, no one can comprehend the words of the saints. For just as, if someone would wish to see that light of the sun, he would certainly wipe and clear his eyes, purifying himself to be almost like that which he desires, so that as the eye thus becomes light it may see the light of the Sun…in the same way, one wishing to comprehend the mind of the authors of Scripture must first wash and cleanse his souls by his manner of life, and approach the saints themselves by the imitation of their works.