“Because stopping was never an option…”

We never stopped in 2020.

Never stopped educating this new generation of faithful Catholic leaders. Never stopped teaching these young men and women the importance of the eternal truths, never stopped witnessing to the glories of God’s creation, never stopped helping our students embrace the beauty and wisdom of their Church’s rich heritage.

As so many around the country can attest, this was a year of unexpected and formidable challenges. At times, it was difficult to carry on during this pandemic and the uncertainty and chaos that accompanied it. But we never stopped pushing forward, because we could see the critical need for our unique education so clearly in these troubled times. The mission of Wyoming Catholic College has never been more important!

That mission? To ground our students in real experience and thoughtful reflection, immersing them in the primary sources of the Western intellectual tradition, the grandeur of the mountain wilderness, and the spiritual heritage of the Catholic Church. All taught unabashedly and joyfully—and without apology.

The moral relativism that saturates our country and our culture targets young students like ours in a special way, because it knows that they are the greatest threats to its tyranny. It fears the education these young men and women are receiving here, because it is an education that teaches them to pursue and defend the truth in all things.

But it is also an education that we cannot provide without your help. Every year, we rely on benefactors from around the country—friends and supporters like you who help bridge the gap between what our students can afford to pay in tuition and the true cost of providing their education. Your generosity makes this extraordinary college affordable to those who seek it, and we will all benefit from their efforts.

We ask you to close this strange year by considering a tax-deductible gift to the College to ensure that we can move forward into the new year with the same earnest commitment to our vital work that we showed in 2020.

Join us, please. Because stopping was never an option. And it must never be.

For those who take the standard tax deduction, the CARES Act allows a one-time above-the-line deduction of up to $300 in charitable contributions this year (as detailed HERE). Deductions are usually limited to a percentage of your AGI (adjusted gross income), but this year’s qualifying gifts are 100% deductible (as described HERE).

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