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College Unveils New Weekly Podcast, “The After Dinner Scholar”

Today, Wyoming Catholic College announced a new weekly podcast series: “The After Dinner Scholar.” Each podcast will feature a fifteen-minute conversation with one of Wyoming Catholic College faculty about the books and ideas that make up the college’s integrated undergraduate curriculum.

The first podcast, a conversation with Academic Dean Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski, introduces the series by asking the question “What are ‘The Great Books’?” In the coming weeks, Dr. Scott Ollsen will discuss “Euclid and the Beauty of Numbers.” Dr. Jason Baxter will talk about “Evil Enchantment and The Weight of Glory: What Dante Taught C.S. Lewis about Poetry.”  And Dr. Michael Bolin will introduce listeners to the pre-Socratic philosophers of Ancient Greece.

“Our faculty have jumped at this opportunity to share the ideas and books they love and teach with a broader audience,” said Wyoming Catholic College president Dr. Glenn Arbery. “I’m scheduled to discuss John Milton’s Paradise Lost and I can’t wait to open up that poem for our friends and supporters.”

“The After Dinner Scholar podcasts,” Dr. Arbery went on to say, “reflect Wyoming Catholic College’s mission as a Catholic liberal arts college. Not only will these podcasts introduce the great ideas and Great Books to a wider audience, they will also suggest practical ways in which listeners can engage those ideas and books thus entering into the great conversation that is Western Civilization.”

Future topics include Shakespearean plays and sonnets, works of Aristotle and Plato, the mathematics of Isaac Newton, the Church Fathers, Augustine, and Aquinas, the American founding documents, and various papal encyclicals. The podcasts may be accessed through the College’s website.

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