Wyoming Catholic College Matriculation 2018

On Sunday, August 26th, Wyoming Catholic College marked the opening of its 12th academic year with the celebration of its annual Convocation Mass and Matriculation Ceremony. At that ceremony, the fifty-two members of the Class of 2022 signed their names in the official Student Register and embarked on their four-year educational adventure. The class, representing twenty-three states and two Canadian provinces, brings the College’s student body total to a record-high 188. This growth has been particularly robust over the last five years of the College’s operation, and the increasing numbers have kept the administration busy throughout the summer months, bringing in new faculty members to deal with the increased instruction demands, as well as additional staff, and residential and academic spaces.

In his Matriculation remarks, Dr. Glenn Arbery (the College’s president) remarked that “this academic year marks a turning point in the life of the College.” As he noted the improvements that have been made to

the campus grounds in recent months—the purchase of the Augur Building for classrooms, the leasing of St. Joseph Hall as a location for COR Expeditions and the College’s fleet of vehicles, and the renovation of the old Baldwin Building barbershop as a student lounge and common area—he reflected on the ever-growing sense of permanence that these new acquisitions have brought to the College and its community. “There’s a natural excitement rising here,” he said, “and I expect it will bear great fruit in this academic year. There is a renewed sense of discovery and wonder and friendship—friendship not just among faculty or among students, but the great and fertile friendships that spring up naturally between teachers and students when they share a common love for the truth.”

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