WCC Students Partner with Local Knights of Columbus Council to Raise Funds for Ukraine

“The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine; it is bright and uplifting, a symbol of life and hope. It is my hope that this fundraiser can provide some small measure of relief to all the refugees and suffering people enduring conflict in Ukraine. Having the bouquets in our houses at Easter will remind us to pray for those whose holy season is being torn by strife and loss, while reminding us that peace is possible in the risen Christ.”

— Ciely Daly, ’22

In response to the humanitarian crisis brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a group of Wyoming Catholic College students have joined forces with Lander’s local Knights of Columbus council to launch the “Sunflowers for Ukraine Fundraiser.” Senior Ciely Daly, who has been helping to organize the project, recently sent an email to the community saying that “I wanted to draw your attention to our Ukraine aid fundraiser. We are selling bouquets of sunflowers (that will be delivered just in time for Easter), with the proceeds providing humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people and war refugees.”

Donation forms and collection boxes have been set up in Holy Rosary Church, Crux Coffee, and at the front desk of the College’s main academic space, The Baldwin Building. The proceeds of each sale will benefit the Knights of Columbus’ Ukraine Solidarity Fund, with donations going directly to provide displaced Ukrainians with temporary shelter, food, medical supplies, clothing, and more. A special “Thank you!” to Dandelion Floral (a local flower shop that has offered the sunflowers at wholesale price), and to the College’s Office of Student Life (for helping with the logistical details).

Lord Jesus Christ, our God, we place our hope not only in weapons, but also in You, Almighty God. Give Ukraine, Europe and the whole world real peace, wisdom and strength to stop evil and war. Give rest to all the defenders of Ukraine and to her people, and to all the civilians who perish – children, women and men, the names of each of whom You know – and receive them into the abode of the righteous. Heal those who are wounded and injured physically and mentally. Give consolation to those who have lost their relatives and friends. Reassure those who are scared and confused. Preserve those who are under fire, in captivity and in danger. Give strength and courage to the God-loving Ukrainian people, the authorities and the army that protect them, and help them to liberate the country from the insidious and ruthless enemy. And let us in peace bless and glorify You, for You are our God, the Lord of peace and the world, the Savior of our souls, And to You we give glory today, and always, and forever and ever. Oh Great God, eternal, protect Ukraine for us! Most Holy Mother of God, save us! Holy Archangel Michael, pray to God for us! Amen.

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