Rick's Rollino's
Grocery List



Books for the Entire Student Body
Few things are as vital to our educational endeavors as the books our students read and discuss. Perhaps fittingly, the acquisition of these books is one of the College’s more significant annual costs. This year’s Fall 2021 costs were $60,000, and Spring 2022’s costs are anticipated at $35,000. (The Fall Semester is always the higher of the two costs, since it contains a number of books that last for the entire academic year.)


Downpayment for St. Joseph’s Building Purchase
For year-end tax purposes, Mr. Joe Artery requested a two-part payment plan for the sale of St. Joseph’s, the building at 300 Lincoln Street that houses the gear necessary for the College’s outdoor program, the offices for its COR Expeditions staff, and its fleet of vehicles for student transportation. In keeping with the final agreement, he will receive a $50,000 payment at the end of the 2021 and a $30,000 payment at the beginning of 2022.


Increased Food Expenses
Inflation has risen suddenly over the past few months, as have supply-chain issues connected to COVID. These two factors have driven the cost of providing food for our students up much more sharply than we had anticipated when the year began. While this new economic reality will certainly necessitate an increase in the “Room and Board” portion we charge each student, that increase will not go into effect until the 2022-2023 academic year, which mean we will be unable to recoup the current year’s unanticipated expenses. A gift in support of these expenses would help alleviate a significant pressure on this year’s budget.


Recruitment Video Project with Lux Lab
Lux Lab, which created our most recent COR Expeditions video, is partnering with the College to develop a one-page Brand Story with compelling messaging that we can apply to all of our marketing materials (emails, website, social media, etc). Building on the Brand Story, they will create a promotional video that tells that same clear story, with a particular focus on reaching out to and capturing an audience for our Admissions Office. As part of this process, the Lux Lab creative team will capture additional interviews and B-Role footage, to lay the groundwork for additional short videos on various topics (such as the Technology Policy or the new Oratory space).


Paternity and Maternity Leave
As a faithfully Catholic institution, we are proudly pro-life. Over half our students have attended the West Coast Walk for Life in the past, as well as various other pro-life events around the country. Sometimes, however, being pro-life manifests itself in unusual ways. This year, the College will take on over $20,000 in expenses as a direct result of its newly-instituted maternity and paternity policy, which says that “The College provides up to 4 weeks paid maternity leave and 2 weeks paid paternity leave for full-time staff.” (Of particular note, all of the College’s Horsemanship instructors will be welcoming new members to their families this Spring. What a witness to life!)


Windows for Immaculate Conception Oratory
The question of how and when to provide furnishings for the College’s new oratory is one that will be governed by numerous factors, but as anyone who has seen the space can attest, the stained-glass windows will play a key role in defining that space. While we are not yet prepared to move forward on the final windows, Emil Frei & Associates recommended installing storm windows in the interim. In addition to providing protection for the eventual stained glass, they would serve the short-term benefit of letting additional sunlight into the building and providing significant energy savings. This amount would include the labor and materials necessary for replacing all of the existing windows.


Scholarship Grants
Students and parents are sometimes scared away from small, liberal arts colleges because they think they can’t afford the education. It’s different here at Wyoming Catholic, where we are committed to providing an affordable education to each of our students. If, after all available payment sources have been taken into account, the student still needs additional resources to meet the full cost of tuition, room, and board, the College provides a grant to cover the difference–a grant that is made possible through philanthropic support and that never needs to be repaid. Amounts are assessed yearly on the basis of the family’s financial situation, but this year’s average grant is just under $14,000.

$13,914 per grant

Prepping Our New Oratory for Spring Semester
Now that the College has secured the use of the old church on the corner of 3rd and Garfield, its janitorial team has been hard at work preparing it for full-time use in the Spring. In addition to demolishing the old drop ceiling and a few temporary internal walls, the crew painted the walls, sanded the (original, beautiful) hardwood floors, and updated the existing lights and signage. In the next few weeks, they will remodel the existing bathrooms to be ADA-compliant, and convert a portion of the sacristy to a confessional. We anticipate moving our current (temporary) chapel in the Orchard Building into this new space at the beginning of the Semester, and are looking forward keenly to using the oratory for College liturgies.