Issue 3.1: “Globalism, Technology, And …Poetry?” by Dr. Jason Baxter (pdf)
Issue 3.2: “Inaugural Address” by Dr. Glenn Arbery (pdf)
Issue 3.3: “Resurrecting the Idea of a Christian Society” by Dr. R. R. Reno (pdf)
Issue 3.4: “How Many, How Much, and Who Cares?” by Dr. Stanley Grove (pdf)
Issue 3.5: “The Christian Liturgy as ‘Sacrifice of Praise’ in the Epistle to the Hebrews” by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski (pdf)

Issue 4.1: “Resisting Relativism: Truth, Liberty, and Human Dignity” by Fr. Robert Sirico (pdf)
Issue 4.2: “Plato: Man’s Exile from Being” by Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski (pdf)
Issue 4.3: “Fire and Rock” by Bishop Steven Biegler and “Out of Eclipse” by President Glenn Arbery (pdf)
Issue 4.4: “Progressivism, Political Philosophy, and the American Political Tradition” by Dr. Ronald J. Pestritto (pdf)

Issue 5.1: “Reflecting on the Class of 2018” by President Glenn Arbery (pdf)
Issue 5.2: “The Goal of a True Education” by Professor Joseph Pearce and “Out of Eclipse” by Kelly Daly, Class of 2018 (pdf)
Issue 5.3: “How the Violent Bear It Away and Bring It Back Again” by Jacob Terneus, Class of 2016 (pdf)
Issue 5.4: “Two Cheers for Our Puritan Roots” by Dr. Virginia L. Arbery (pdf)

Issue 6.1: “You Are God-Made Men And Women” by Bishop David Ricken and “The Story of Our Time at Wyoming Catholic College” by William Eby (pdf)
Issue 6.2: “A Handful of Quietness” by President Glenn Arbery and “Missionaries of Hope” by Bishop David Ricken (pdf)

Issue 7.1: “2020 Senior Address” by Miguel Fiandeiro and “Matriculation Remarks” by President Glenn Arbery (pdf)
Issue 7.2: “We Hold Three Truths:Celebrating the American Constitution with James Madison and John Paul II” by Dr. Hon. J. Leon Holmes (pdf)
Issue 7.3: “Christ, the Divine Physician,” the First Homily of Deacon Trevor Lontine, Class of 2014 (pdf)

Issue 8.1: “Changing the World through the Little Way” by Curtis Martin and “2021 Senior Address: Every Gift Evokes a Response” by Anthony Jones (pdf)
Issue 8.2: “An Education Like No Other: Remarks from the Annual President’s Dinner” by Dr. Glenn Arbery (pdf)
Issue 8.3: “Constantine, Quixote, and Cowboys” by Professor Kyle Washut (pdf)

Issue 9.1: “The Modern Age: Is it Worth Saving?” By Andrew Russell (‘22)