“The Roundup”
Monthly News and Notes
from Wyoming Catholic College

October 2023: Westerman Ordained Deacon, “Be sure you want this before you sign up,” President’s Advisory Council Launched, “Into the Wild Places,” Deacon Andrew Westerman, Etc.

September 2023: Washut Named 4th President, “Experience. Delight. Wonder. Wisdom.” with The Pillar, Education in the Day of Small Things, Oliver Eby, Etc.

August 2023: “Bach on a mountain,” Talking of “Nature & Nature’s God,” “The Best Conservative Colleges,” “Sunflowers and Silos,” Jacob Terneus, Etc.

July 2023: “WCC’s Revolutionary Way Of Life,” “Digital Detox,” Aristotle and Aquinas on Sex, Three Essays for the Fourth, Ben Corcoran, Etc.

June 2023: Commencement 2023, “Why Horsemanship?,” VFW Mural, Kathryn Boucher, Etc.

May 2023: Graduation Approaches, “Soul and Story,” The Desert Canyons of Utah, Scott Sergeant, Etc.

April 2023: Jernberg Joins as Composer, Zimmer Joins Board, Joseph Pieper’s “Leisure,” WY Winter Wonderland, Emily Felsheim, Etc.

March 2023: Sister Carlin’s Final Vows, Irish in Wonder, Crafting Deep Cultures, James DeMasi, Etc.

February 2023: Orations, Radical Marriage Act, Panning for Gold, WCC’s Technology Policy, Etc.