“The Roundup”
Monthly News and Notes
from Wyoming Catholic College

March 2024: COR Launches JSP, President Washut on Catholic Answers Live, Jane Austen’s Romantic Medievalism, Orations Week 2024 Highlights, “A Phony Education,” Anthony Jones, Etc.

January 2024: Bishop Pipta to Speak at Commencement, New Podcast on the Eucharist Launched, WCC Choir Performs at Local Chorale, President Washut says “America deserves better” from her educational Institutions, Dr. Peter McCullough, Etc.

December 2023: Heritage Foundation Event, Lincoln’s Bishop Conley Joins WCC Board, LiveAction’s “Healthcare for BOTH Mom and Baby,” Newman Guide Colleges are “Light in the Darkness,” Camille Callaway, Etc.

November 2023: “Education as a Spiritual Work of Mercy,” In the Company of Angels, 2023 WSCT Lectures, “Why I Fish for Fickle, Freckled Things,” Sister Mary Agnes (Megan) Oborny, Etc.

October 2023: Westerman Ordained Deacon, “Be sure you want this before you sign up,” President’s Advisory Council Launched, “Into the Wild Places,” Deacon Andrew Westerman, Etc.

September 2023: Washut Named 4th President, “Experience. Delight. Wonder. Wisdom.” with The Pillar, Education in the Day of Small Things, Oliver Eby, Etc.

August 2023: “Bach on a mountain,” Talking of “Nature & Nature’s God,” “The Best Conservative Colleges,” “Sunflowers and Silos,” Jacob Terneus, Etc.

July 2023: “WCC’s Revolutionary Way Of Life,” “Digital Detox,” Aristotle and Aquinas on Sex, Three Essays for the Fourth, Ben Corcoran, Etc.

June 2023: Commencement 2023, “Why Horsemanship?,” VFW Mural, Kathryn Boucher, Etc.

May 2023: Graduation Approaches, “Soul and Story,” The Desert Canyons of Utah, Scott Sergeant, Etc.

April 2023: Jernberg Joins as Composer, Zimmer Joins Board, Joseph Pieper’s “Leisure,” WY Winter Wonderland, Emily Felsheim, Etc.

March 2023: Sister Carlin’s Final Vows, Irish in Wonder, Crafting Deep Cultures, James DeMasi, Etc.

February 2023: Orations, Radical Marriage Act, Panning for Gold, WCC’s Technology Policy, Etc.