Sunflower girl

Veronica (Arntz) Nygaard

Graduate Student (Historical Theology), Marquette University

Through the rich curriculum and profound liturgical life of Wyoming Catholic College, I discovered a deep love for the pursuit of theological studies. I decided that I wanted to continue further studies in theology. I graduated summa cum laude from the Augustine Institute with a Master of Arts in Theology, and am now a PhD student in Historical Theology at Marquette University, with a focus in medieval studies and Thomas Aquinas.

The rigorous theological curriculum at the College has prepared me well to continue my studies in theology. Moreover, the professors at Wyoming Catholic gave me an excellent formation in writing and presenting; they helped me to refine my natural abilities. While I was a senior at WCC, I began publishing my work at St. Austin Review, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, Latin Mass Magazine, Catholic Exchange, and Truth and Charity Forum. Since graduation, I have given papers at several conferences, including the Society for Catholic Liturgy’s 2016 Conference on Liturgy and the New Evangelization, St. Gregory University’s “2017 Leisure and the University: Overcoming the Habits of the Workaday World” Conference, and the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology’s “2017 Person, Soul, and Consciousness: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives” Conference. I will also be delivering a paper at the Society for Catholic Liturgy’s 2017 Conference on Liturgy and Postmodernity. The paper I delivered at the 2016 Society for Catholic Liturgy Conference was based on my senior thesis and oration topic and has since been published in their academic journal, Antiphon.

My education at the College has given me the ability and motivation to publish and present papers at conferences. The professors’ high standards and encouragement helped me to achieve these goals. Without the demanding curriculum I experienced in Lander, which challenged me to persevere and work through difficult texts, I would not be able to participate in these academic pursuits. In comparison to many other schools, even good Catholic universities, the education offered at the College is exceptional because it is integrated and rigorous; my education truly helped me to gain the necessary research, writing and reading, and communication skills to become a scholar. I am infinitely grateful and indebted for my time at Wyoming Catholic College.