Sr. Mary Agnes (Megan) Oborny

Final Vows, Norbertine Canonesses, Tehachapi, CA

I began as a freshman at Wyoming Catholic College in the year 2009.  Singing together while hiking the trails, daily Mass whether in the Church or on a mountaintop, putting on latin skits, having discussions on angelic powers over dinner, driving cattle on horseback at a local ranch, journeying to the Truth together in the classroom, and making friends who knew and loved you in all aspects of life, who shared and spurred on the same ideals, are some of the reasons I loved the College and was thriving there.  Most importantly, the beauty of the True and the Good changed me deeply, and I found a freedom and joy to live this Catholic identity in our modern culture.

I would not have left Wyoming Catholic of my own accord for the world.  But the soil had been prepared, and in my sophomore year I discerned God’s call to leave all and give my life, in Christ, for the life of the world.  On September 15, 2011 I entered the cloistered convent of the Norbertine Canonesses in Tehachapi, California.  I received the name Sister Mary Agnes and gratefully made Solemn Vows on September 17, 2022.  I have always seen my life in this religious community as a fulfillment of my life at college.  There are even similar elements, and I see the two communities as close allies, so to speak, on a spiritual plane.  And so I continue in the joy of living for the True, the Good and the Beautiful.

When I hear of Wyoming Catholic, I am inspired anew to live its ideals and also my own vocation as fully as possible, so that the seeds planted there may bear much fruit, I may show my gratitude to God, and may help bring down grace upon the College to continue its mission in the Church and in the world.

Sr. Mary Agnes with Fr. Trevor Lontine (’14) on the occasion of her final profession.