Christopher Baker

Founder and Director, Altum L'alto Pilgrimages; Ph.D. Student (Philosophy)

Looking back at my four years at Wyoming Catholic College, the thing I am most thankful for is the opportunity to live away from “the world” in an environment that allowed me to grow naturally in ways that I didn’t even know existed, and to develop an understanding of the world previously unknown to myself.

These opportunities to leave the world behind in search of something more that I experienced for myself while at the College is what I seek to give people through Altum L’alto Pilgrimages, which I founded after living in Europe for several years. (“Altum” is from Luke 5:4, when Christ tells Simon Peter “Duc in altum,” meaning “Put out into the deep.”  “L’alto” is Italian for “the heights,” from Blessed Pier Giorgio’s phrase “Verso l’alto,” meaning “Towards the heights.”  We use these two words—“Altum” and “l’alto”—to signify “deep heights.”)

The College’s integrated approach to education laid a solid foundation that I have continued to build upon with my studies of philosophy at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome and of French and Italian, with my exploration of the natural and cultural world of Europe, and with my continual search for God in the literal and spiritual footsteps of the saints.

Wyoming Catholic will certainly be the start of a great adventure for you, if you are open to it!