Christine Battaglia-Degli Obizzi

Businesswoman & Founder, Cherub Bella and OBZ Graphics

I will be the first to tell you that attending Wyoming Catholic College (as a member of the inaugural class) instilled in me a sense of wonder and an appreciation for wisdom, which I am so proud to share with the world.

I’m always seeking new opportunities to serve and connect with others, so when I was approached shortly after graduating in 2011 and asked to design T-shirts for a charity group seeking to share their Roman Catholic message with others, it was a natural fit. That seed may have been small, but it was the start of my printing career. And thanks be to God, my family, and hard work, the business has really grown since then. Whether it’s through my Catholic women’s clothing and jewelry online store (Cherub Bella) or my family’s custom commercial printing company (OBZ Graphics), I take great pride in being able to use my creativity to provide quality printed products that make people happy.

After nearly a decade of experience in this industry, I believe that it is a great way to help people share their messages of the Lord’s truth with the world. When I founded Cherub Bella, for example, I saw it as a way to give back to the causes I have always been passionate about, especially to supporting the unborn and expectant mothers. (A portion of every order we received was donated back to local crisis pregnancy centers, as a way to support those causes most dear to me.)

My husband Mark and I focus on serving others. We fulfill numerous orders for custom apparel and printed products from businesses, schools and other organizations across the nation each year, while also being able to give back by donating money and time to our most beloved causes. Unlike some of our large international competitors, I can promise that anyone who calls OBZ Graphics or visits our Delaware retail location is greeted and assisted by me or one of my family. I personally see to it that each project gets as much of our time and attention as necessary to ensure that everything is completed to our client’s satisfaction.

My designs are inspired by the things I love, such as horses, nature, gardening, and wine, and it is my hope that I am able to be an instrument of the Lord through my art.