WCC’s New “President’s Advisory Council” Lends Expertise to College’s Operations and External Affairs Efforts

As President Kyle Washut nears the end of his first month at the helm of Wyoming Catholic College, he is working to roll out several new initiatives. The majority of those are “behind-the-scenes/under-the-hood” changes to the way the College conducts her daily business—changes that, while significant, might be less noticeable to the outside world.. But several are more obvious, such as the launching of the President’s Advisory Council, a body composed of “experts in areas of particular need for the College and her administration.”

“Telling the story of this extraordinary place is both daunting and rewarding,” says President Washut. “One of the most encouraging things I’ve experienced even in the few short days I’ve been serving as president is just how many people are eager to help me tell that story, and eager to lend their experience and expertise to the transformative project that is Wyoming Catholic. Hence, the President’s Advisory Council, whose members will offer me advice and feedback on matters pertaining to their various fields of expertise and will assist me in finding others interested in hearing our story and in supporting the College.”

At launch, the Council is made up of twelve advisors with a wide range of experiences, from financial to administrative, from business to fundraising, from public policy to academics to church leadership. “I’m excited to be working with these wonderful people,” continues President Washut, “and I look forward to adding even more allies to this group as we go along. With their help, we will make the future of Wyoming Catholic brighter and more exciting than ever!”

  • Daniel R. Catone, Founder and CEO, Golden State Equity Partners
  • Most Rev. Paul S. Coakley, S.T.L., D.D., Archbishop of The Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
  • Peter de Karetry, CFRE, Executive Director, Stewardship & Development, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
  • Alex Lessard, Founder and President, Adeodatus; Co-Director, The Cornerstone Forum
  • Kenneth A. McHugh, J.D., Executive Director, St. Boniface Senior Living Foundation
  • Mark Randall, CFRE, Executive Director, Pontifical North American College
  • Kevin D. Roberts, Ph.D., President, The Heritage Foundation
  • Rick Rollino, Administrator and COO, St. Mary Magdalene Parish Family
  • Justin Schneir, Founder, Tractor Beverage Co.
  • Mike Skeehan, Founder and CEO, Salted Stone
  • Sarah Sweeney, Partner, Summit West CPA Group, P.C.
  • The Honorable Art Washut, Wyoming Representative, House District 36, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee; Criminal Justice Instructor, Casper College

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