Student Presentation

“Orations Week” Draws To A Successful Close

This week, regular classes were suspended as the seniors at Wyoming Catholic College present their senior orations to faculty, fellow students, board members, and guests of the College. The classrooms were packed, often overflowing, for these thirty-minute presentations, which were often delivered entirely from memory (though a few notes were permitted). Afterwards, the seniors fielded tough questions for another half an hour.

This year, the orations ranged widely across diverse topics:

Sophie Carter
Silencing the World for Divine Encounter

Inshal Chenet
You Shall Receive Power: On the Legitimacy of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Nicholas Curley
“The stuff that dreams are made of: ” Film As a Fine Art That Disposes Man to Catharsis and Contemplation

Carolyn De Salvo
St. Bernard of Clarivaux’s Contribution to the Divine Comedy: The Discovery of Feminine Love Poetry

Alexandra Evangelho
Poverty in Spirit: The Foundation of Generosity

Joseph Fredriksson
I Think Your Clock Is Off: Setting the Clock Back with Traditional Education and the Usus Antiquior at Wyoming Catholic College

Kyle French
Aristotle… Divine Revelation… What is Government Anyway?

Maria Ginetti
Natural Law in the American Founding: A Defense of Traditional Ciceronian and Thomist Thought ss the Basis for the American Constitution

Susan Gleason
The Oak and the Worm: The Twofold Nature of Pride in Undset’s The Master of Hestviken

Hannah Glennon
Hopefully not Hopelessly Romantic: Truth, Beauty, and Order in the Novels of Jane Austen

Ryan Hess
El Que no Está en el Verso: Borges’s Search for Beauty Beyond Being

Maria Klein
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created unequal:” A Study of Equality in American Literature​

Celestine Kreifels
Angelic Monsters: The Power of Horror and Angelism

Veronica Lademan
Behind The Iron Wall: A Critique of the Israeli Narrative

Jonathan Medlin
The Man Who Was Thursday: An Epic Response to Modernity

Chassidy Menard
The Way Down Is the Way Up: Flannery O’Connor and Comic Vision

Zeda Nutter
Charged with the Grandeur of God: Gerard Manley Hopkins’ Baptism of Romanticism

Thomas Raab
The Weight of the Poetic: The Tangible Nature of Love

Daniel Spenst
Educated Conflict: The Necessity of Conflict to Become Educated

Samantha Stancliffe
Silence and Music in the Liturgy: A Quest for Man’s Re-orientation to the Divine

Jacob Stolarski
Achilles and Odysseus: Homer’s Universal Characters

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