Plato and Aristotle Crop

New Podcast Episode: “Is Reading Plato Necessary for Salvation?” with Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski

During their years at Wyoming Catholic College, students study a number of Platonic dialogues. Plato, we believe, has a great deal to say to us. His writings are central to Western civilization.  But what about our personal lives? Is Plato in any sense central to or even important to our lives as Christian people?

In a recent lecture entitled, “Is Reading Plato Necessary for Salvation?,” the College’s Academic Dean, Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski, argued that Plato is vital to our spiritual lives as humans and as Christian believers.

Dr. Kozinski is this week’s guest on this week’s episode of the After Dinner Scholar podcast. An additional podcast featuring his entire lecture is available, as well.

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