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New Podcast Episode: “Good without God? Iris Murdoch’s Moral Vision” with Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski

In her essay, “The Sovereignty of Good Over Other Concepts,” Iris Murdoch wrote, “We [humans] are what we seem to be, transient mortal creatures subject to necessity and chance. This is to say that there is, in my view, no God in the traditional sense of that term; and the traditional sense is perhaps the only sense.”

At the same time she spoke about virtue, morality, love, beauty, and the Good. Does that sound paradoxical? Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski began his senior level course on ethics here at Wyoming Catholic College by having students read and discuss Murdoch’s essay complete with paradoxes. In the latest episode of The After Dinner Scholar podcast, Dr. Kozinski explains his rationale, revealing why he thinks it’s such a valuable conversation.

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