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Located in the foothills of Wyoming’s spectacular Wind River Range, Wyoming Catholic College—an accredited, four-year, Great Books institution—is built on the ancient Western tradition of the liberal arts and the freedom of the American West. The college offers its students an immersion in the primary sources of the classical tradition, the grandeur of the mountain wilderness, and the spiritual heritage of the Catholic Church.

In an age when so many are encouraged to turn inwards (and away), Wyoming Catholic’s curriculum chooses to look outward, instead. The great ideas—like nature itself, never old, never outdated—possess an essential freshness. These students experience the illumination of imagination and intellect through the Great Books and traditional disciplines: literature and philosophy, mathematics and theology, science and spoken Latin, and an outdoor program second to none. Encountering “the best that has been thought and said” allows them to see reality whole rather than in narrow specializations; Wyoming Catholic College students love truth, think clearly, and communicate eloquently, engaging with the world as it is.

Grateful for the freedom and opportunity afforded by its home state, the College celebrated an in-person graduation with its seniors this Spring and began in-person classes in late August, welcoming its largest freshman class ever.