President's Welcome

Welcome to the website of Wyoming Catholic College. You’ll find here two crucial things: information about what we do, where we are, and why we exist; and an entry into the great tradition of thought and belief that Wyoming Catholic College embodies.

The website is designed to work on several levels. You can find information quickly, but you can also delve deeply and take your time. For example, if you click on Academic and scroll down to the Philosophical Vision Statement, you’ll first be taken to my recent summary of the original document—a restatement after ten years—and then you can click through to the entire work originally composed by Dr. Robert Carlson in 2005. This Vision Statement provides us with our basic principles for what we do as a college, and we continually refer to it in making adjustments to our curriculum or outdoor programs and envisioning the particular emphases in the chaplaincy that best fit our community.

I suggest that prospective students and parents pay particular attention to the pages on Academics. Click through each track—even each course—to get a sense of the movement of the entire sequence. Our aim here is to integrate knowledge across the various tracks, of course including horsemanship and outdoor experience, dimensions unique to Wyoming Catholic College among Catholic Great Books schools. One of our seniors recently said that in the junior and senior years, everything that students have been learning begins to come together. Each aspect illuminates each of the others.

Please explore the pages on the Student Life, read the testimonies of students and faculty, and ponder the explanation of the spiritual life at Wyoming Catholic College. We have new information up almost daily, including faculty podcasts, news releases, lectures, and print publications. There’s much to see here. And of course we hope that we will soon see you here in person.

Please visit the website often, and don’t hesitate to let us know how we can be of service.

In His Mercy,





Dr. Glenn C. Arbery