Marie deLorimier Wilmer

College Welcomes Marie deLorimier Wilmer to Board of Directors

At their recent meeting, the Board of Directors of Wyoming Catholic College was pleased to welcome another to their number: Marie deLorimier Wilmer, of Portola Valley, California.

Mrs. Wilmer has a long, rich background in the realm of Catholic education, having served as an elementary school teacher in France and California for many years, bracketing her career as a Product Marketing Manager in the world of computer technology. “In reading through the Philosophical Vision Statement for the College,” she says, “I find mirrored the expression of my personal philosophy of education. The statement rightly quotes Saint John Paul II when he speaks of the ‘becoming’ of the whole person through the spiritual heritage of Catholic thought. I have come to share this viewpoint through my work as a Catholic Educator, through developing curricula focused on building a love of learning, and through studies of Church teachings on education, of St. Thomas Aquinas and of the Church Fathers. I am an enthusiastic admirer of Wyoming Catholic College, and I believe that it is one of the true treasures at this time in the history of Catholic Higher Education.”

Dr. Glenn Arbery, the College’s president, was equally enthusiastic when asked about Mrs. Wilmer’s arrival as a member of the Board. “We are thrilled to welcome Marie to our Board,” he said. “Her enthusiasm is contagious and her knowledge on matters of Catholic education, impressive. I am sure that both will prove invaluable to us as we move forward. I and the other members of the Board are delighted to welcome her!”

In addition to her ongoing work as an educator, Mrs. Wilmer has been involved with the Archdiocese of San Francisco on a number of projects, and currently serves on the board of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education.

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