“Mary’s boy, be my joy when the martyrs shall sing, when the Judge shall appear and the trumpet shall ring.”

Dear Friends of Wyoming Catholic College,

All through Advent, the readings from the Gospels repeatedly focus upon John the Baptist. This strange figure dressed in camel’s hair, living on insects and honey out in the wilderness, helps prepare for the coming of Jesus, a preparation that began when he leapt in the womb at young Mary’s greeting to the older Elizabeth before either child was born. For those who take him seriously, the wilderness where they encounter their sin and forgiveness prepares for what follows: the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear in the manifestation of the new—the restoration of man “to the heights of divine glory,” as St. Thomas Aquinas puts it at the beginning of his Compendium.

In the first chapter of that same work, St. Thomas discusses the purposes for which Wyoming Catholic College exists: to shape its students in knowing the truth, making for the right goal, and carrying out the law of justice. In a culture gone awry, we seek always to understand and to do what God wills, striving to prepare our students to participate in that restoration “of divine glory.” We pray that you will see in this college the fruits of your gifts in the great season of gift-giving: the gifts of the Magi to the Christ child, the gifts we exchange, especially on Christmas morning, and the source of all these, the gift of the Incarnation of the Word through Whom all things were made.

We celebrate you for helping to make this education possible. We thank you for the trust you place in this institution dedicated to Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom. We ask God to bless this great endeavor, and ask Him to bless you and your family during this joyful Christmas season.

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President Glenn C. Arbery
and the Wyoming Catholic College Family

David’s Town
David’s town bedded down, and the world was so cold;
Song was stilled, hearts were chilled, and the world was grown old;
Then was born Christ the Morn, Shepherd of the one fold:
David’s town bore the crown, as the prophets foretold.

Adam’s race, shorn of grace, begs of Mary reprieve:
“Be we blessed through your Yes that we too may believe,
By what’s heard God’s own Word in our hearts to conceive.
Guiding star fore the dawn, be our true Christmas Eve.”

Mary’s boy, be my joy when the martyrs shall sing,
When the Judge shall appear and the trumpet shall ring.
In the day of dismay to the Infant I cling:
Who the Baby has borne needs not fly from the King.

“David’s Town” was composed by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski (a professor at Wyoming Catholic College during its first decade), and the lyrics were written by Dr. Jeremy Holmes (currently serving as a professor of Theology at the College). This performance features the College’s own choir.

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