College’s Board of Directors Expands with Addition of Dr. Attila Freska

As the 2023-2023 semester begins and Professor Kyle Washut takes over the reins of the Wyoming Catholic College presidency, the College’s Board of Directors has added a key advisor to their number: Dr. Attila Freska.

Currently serving as Chief Strategy Officer at Securiport based in Washington, D.C., “a global leader in border management, immigration control and aviation security solutions whose mission is to assist governments in preventing criminals from crossing borders undetected and in uncovering unlawful transnational activities.” Dr. Freska also has extensive, first-hand experience in higher education and academic administration, having assisted with the establishment of the Busch School of Business at The Catholic University of America where he also served as Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies for a number of years.

“As a professional with leadership experience in both the academic and business worlds,” Dr. Freska says, “I am convinced of the dire need for men of faith to step up and lead–not only lead by example in their professional lives, but also to take measured steps to defend the basic tenets of what has made Western civilization great. Simply stated, the current social challenges and state of higher education represent existential threats to the principals on which our country and Western civilization were built.” In response to the question of what attracts him to Wyoming Catholic, Dr Freska recounts that “after first hearing about the College and reading the Philosophical Vision Statement, I was drawn in by a vision which resonated with my personal beliefs and my growing concerns about society and higher education today. I am convinced that Wyoming Catholic College’s unique educational vision is much needed for the formation of the virtuous leaders our culture needs.”

President Washut is excited at the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Freska in the coming days. “As I embark on this administrative and fundraising voyage,” he says, “I am grateful to draw upon the expertise of someone as experienced and successful in these vital areas as Dr. Freska. I know that Attila and his wife Anna have a tremendous amount to contribute to Wyoming Catholic College and to her one-of-a-kind community, and I am eager to work with them in further establishing her as the most revolutionary and effective institution of Catholic higher education in America!”

A life-long outdoors enthusiast, beekeeper and brewer, Attila is a wholehearted supporter of WCC’s commitment to Outdoor Leadership Training (and to COR Expeditions); Attila and his wife, Anna, have three grown children, two grandchildren, and live in Great Falls, Virginia.

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