Walk for Life

Our students spend much of their time studying the timeless truths, but each January, they take a few days away from their studies to make a public stand on the critical political matter of Life. A significant contingent of Wyoming Catholic College’s students journey from Lander, Wyoming to take part in various Walks for Life around the country—San Francisco, Denver, and even Cheyenne.

Participation has been steadily growing in recent years, with more than half of the entire student body making the trek to San Francisco, despite the 20-hour bus ride (each way) and the not-insignificant expense (which they must raise before the trip begins).

We believe that it is important for our students to engage with the public and political spheres on this issue of abortion, since it is an issue that fundamentally affects the moral health of our society. While our curriculum is not designed to promote a level of political activism, this is a case where we cannot sit idly by while such grave injustice is done. All life is sacred, from conception to natural death.

We are proud to be a Pro-Life college.