Tuition and Loan Payments

Welcome to the Tuition and Loan payments page!  The form below will allow you to set up custom payments for any amount.  One-time and recurring payments are both supported.

The form can be used for both tuition and loan payments.

If you have questions or concerns, our Financial Aid Office can be reached at 307-335-4427.

Form Guidelines

Use the form below to set up a one-time payment. Students’ portions are due by the day of arrival at WCC unless written prior authorization has been given by the Financial Aid Office.

Wyoming Catholic College provides financial incentives to new graduates, former students, and their parents who undertake early repayment of their loans.

Following a student’s graduation or separation from the College, the College provides a seven-month grace period during which no interest will be charged on the student’s loan.

For any loan payed in full on or before the 15th of September following the student’s last semester, Wyoming Catholic College will discount the required pay-off amount by 5%. Combined with making the payment inside the seven-month grace period, paying off the loan by this time will result in an overall savings of 10% on the loan.

For any loan payment greater than $1,000 made on or before the 15th of September following the student’s last semester, the College will add a 2.5% credit of the payment amount to your loan balance. For example, a payment of $2,500 will reduce your loan balance by $2,562.50.

Additionally, if the student or parent loan is repaid in full within the first three years after the 7 month grace period of the student’s graduation or separation from Wyoming Catholic College, then the College will refund to the student or parent all the interest that had been paid on that same loan.

Please do not use the form below to pay your yearly registration fee. You can pay your registration here.