Outside Consecration

New Podcast Episode: “I Lift My Eyes to the Hills—COR Expeditions” with Dr. Tom Zimmer”

Throughout the Scriptures men and women encounter God in the wilderness and the mountains. Think of Abraham traveling through the wilderness to that land God would show him. Think of the people of Israel in the desert with Moses receiving the Law on Mount Sinai. People swarmed out to see John the Baptist in the wilderness. Jesus spent forty days and forty nights in the wilderness. St. Paul after his conversion “went away into Arabia.”

This week at Wyoming Catholic College is Outdoor Week. Our students are in the wilderness encountering God (we trust) as they rock climb, go canyoneering, mountain bike, canoe, raft, and backpack.

Dr. Thomas Zimmer runs the outdoor program at the college and also directs Catholic Outdoor Renewal (COR), an outreach program of Wyoming Catholic. COR’s mission is: “To provide transformative wilderness experiences which renew the hearts (cor being Latin for heart) of those who participate.” He is our guest on this week’s episode of The After Dinner Scholar podcast.

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