In conjunction with its tenth anniversary celebrations, Wyoming Catholic College launched The Crest Society as a way to honor those key supporters who help provide the funds necessary to sustain our academic mission. Each level is named for an element in the College’s crest, and members are recognized by level in the College’s annual report.

Society Levels

Order of the Eagle ($25,000+)
Long recognized as a symbol of St. John the Evangelist, the eagle calls to mind far-sighted Wisdom, whose powerful and penetrating gaze sees the world from a Divine perspective, yet still pays attention to the smallest detail on the ground. Like an eagle, a Christian is borne aloft on the wings of faith and reason; he builds his eyrie in a cleft of the high rocks, deep in the wound of Christ’s side.
Order of the Lion ($10,000 to $24,999)
“Aslan is not a tame lion,” as C. S. Lewis famously said. Nor is he “safe.” But he is good, and he is the king. This lion--noble, strong, and fearsome--represents Christ, whom Scripture calls the Lion of Judah. This symbol draws our minds to the King of kings and Lord of lords, our Savior and our Protector, the one who can and will do all that He promises. It reminds us to put our confidence in His authority and in that of His holy Church.
Order of the Moon ($5,000 to $9,999)
The moon follows and reflects the light of the sun, making it the perfect image of our receptivity to God, best exemplified by the Blessed Mother as the Moon, reflecting the light of her Son. The moon also guides wanderers in the dark as they await the blaze of day (and Heavenly glory). And as the sun brightens, the moon fades away, saying, like John the Baptist, “He must increase while I must decrease,” and like Mary, “My soul magnifies the Lord.”
Order of the Book ($2,500 to $4,999)
A book represents many things: the Sacred Scriptures that God wrote and entrusted to His Church for our enlightenment; the many Great Books that have been written by authors striving to understand reality and to share their discoveries with us; the institutions of monasteries, universities, and libraries, where the wisdom of the ages is preserved, pored over, and passed on; and finally the Book of Life, where we hope and pray to find our own names one day
Order of the Mountain ($1,000 to $2,499)
Scripture often compares the Lord to a rock, His Providence to the surrounding mountains, His eternity to the everlasting hills, and His greatness to their majestic height. The mountains on our crest remind us of the beauty and wonder of God’s First Book, the natural world, through which we learn about His own beauty. The created world shows us order, harmony, power, and glory, and continually challenges us to develop intellectual and moral virtues.
The Twelve Stars Circle (Monthly Givers)
Twelve Stars Circle members are those who give a gift to the College each month. It is named in honor of the twelve stars on Our Lady’s crown, each of which represent one of the twelve tribes of Israel, encompassing the whole of God’s chosen people. Twelve Star Circle donors are recognized as members of The Crest Society regardless of their gift amount.

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