Samantha Stancliffe

Birth and Postpartum Doula

I think a Liberal Arts education becomes ingrained, if we let it, in our minds and hearts; it becomes a part of our person. In that way it is very much like our Catholic faith; if we are living it well, it speaks for itself. That has been my experience with employers and clients. Even when someone doesn’t quite understand the Liberal arts degree or why a person would choose it, they generally appreciate the qualities that accompany it.

I have never felt that there was a specialized task required by an employer or client that I couldn’t manage. The desire and ability to continue learning is one of the great gifts of this education. it is the non-technical training of the lady and the gentleman that is so lacking in our day that makes Wyoming Catholic College’s approach uniquely valuable.

Liberal Arts education calls its students to a pursuit of what is good, true, and beautiful. [It] reminds us, like our favorite wizard, that this time is all we have! And it is up to us to do something good with it. It is our turn to continue the story of human life and thought, and contribute something meaningful and lasting to the great tradition we have been privileged to receive.

Like every other field, the field of midwifery desperately needs good Catholics, or at the very least, rational women who are not rabidly trying to overturn the very meaning of natural law. That presence is what I try to bring, right now to my studies, and (God willing!) soon to my clients and colleagues.

For more on the way that Samantha’s career and life have been shaped and transformed by her time at Wyoming Catholic, read her article from the College website: “From Music to Midwifery:” A Conversation with Samantha Stancliffe (‘17)