Peter Ellis

Class of 2024

Hometown: Jewett, OH

Biggest highlight at WCC: The highlight of my time here at WCC has been the wonderful friends with whom I have shared so many amazing experiences at this school.  The academic, spiritual and outdoor facets of the college are truly meant to be shared in community.  Great as they are, they are raised to a new level when shared among friends.

Favorite outdoor trip memory: Leading Winter trip this year has been my favorite outdoor trip.  My group made a beautiful 13′ high altar out of snow with the Grand Teton framed in the arch.

Favorite WCC class: My favorite class was Theology 201 on the Trinity.  In seeking to understand the Trinity, you realize how much more you can comprehend while at the same time perceiving how much farther beyond your understanding the Trinity actually is than you previously thought.  Studying the Gospel of John after having read Aquinas on the Trinity brought a whole new depth and beauty to the gospel.

You’d never guess that I rappelled 1000′ down a snow filled couloir in the Sawtooth mountains in Idaho.