Paul Powers


A friend of the College since its early days (when he met Father Bob Cook through the Denver branch of Legatus), Mr. Powers received his BA in Business from the University of Iowa, after which, he served in the United States Army and Iowa National Guard. He has served two terms in the Colorado State Senate (1979–1982 and 1985–1988). Mr. Powers owned and operated multiple construction, homebuilding, and real estate companies—in addition to serving as chairmen to several Colorado banks during their reorganization and resale—before partnering with Mr. William Pauls in 1995. Together, they purchased a 1,200 acre lot in Denver, now known as Gateway Park. As a result of this partnership, Mr. Powers joined PAULS Corporation, William Pauls’ capital management and real estate development firm based in Denver, Colorado. He has since become an integral part of the company’s domestic and international success, even serving as President. Mr. Powers is currently a Principal and the Director of PAULS.

Mr. Powers will bring his extensive business experience to the College’s future development, and while he focuses primarily on downtown and industrial real estate development, his influence is present even in Lander, Wyoming: his group constructed Wyoming Catholic’s original student dorms, next to Holy Rosary Catholic Church, and he continues to take a lively interest in student housing.