Margaret Mary Serchen

Class of 2024


Hometown: New Berlin, WI

Biggest highlight at WCC: The conversations. From wrestling with Aristotle or figuring out a Euclid prop, to reflecting on a trip, to relating to a poem or a humanities reading, my friends here are always game to talk about something meaningful. But perhaps most importantly, they are not afraid to ask how these things impact us, and how we can better live our daily lives.

Favorite outdoor trip memory: I have many favorite outdoor trip memories; I’ll share two. One is from the mountaineering trip this fall: we were perched near a precipice about halfway up Mt. Bancroft. Someone started to recite God’s Grandeur as the lights of Denver faded in the most stunning sunrise I’ve ever seen. Another is from a personal backpacking trip with some friends this past October. We hiked 8 miles up into Stough Creek Basin in the sleet, and got into camp (in a foot of snow) around midnight. But the next day was pure leisure. We read aloud, explored, cooked great food, built a campfire and talked late into the night, and prayed Compline under the stars. It was golden!

Favorite WCC class: Trivium 101, because it showed me that all communicating is not just speaking or writing words, but leading peoples’ souls.

Math 102 and 201, because each bit of geometry was a puzzle and a joy to understand.

Theology 201, because we began using philosophy to better understand our God.

You would never guess that I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese.