Maile Escalona

A highlight as a student at WCC?

Spontaneously making snow angels at night after a lecture with a friend. Both of us were still wearing our formal dresses and heels and laughing at the idea that the stars were a little “shy” that night because some of them were hiding behind a few clouds. .

Favorite outdoor trip memory?

Technically, this isn’t “during” an outdoor trip but it was at the end of one. To cap off our spring Leader Week trip our groups had a final dinner together at Dr. Dziad’s and his family’s house. We all helped to prepare a home cooked meal and shared it in Dr. Dziad’s living room, wearing party hats (the party hats are a quintessential item of the Dziad’s house). During dinner, me and a friend realized that we’d survived through a 21 day backpacking trip, months of Latin midterms, Euclid props, term papers and somehow made it to the end of our freshmen year. We talked about the past year and then the past week and both realized that we wouldn’t have chosen to spend that time anywhere else.

Fun Fact about yourself?

I think “falling” is really cool. Yea, not flying. Falling. I kind of don’t know why. Maybe it’s just me romanticizing falling as an obnoxiously poetic coping mechanism for habitually showing up to class with scraped knees, torn trousers, and elbows (because of skating to class. I have definitely never fallen walking…).

What graduating class you are part of?

I am part of the graduating class of 2026.