Mother with two

Juliana Nemeth

COR Instructor

Jules was born and raised on the beaches of southern Florida, where she spent her days sea kayaking, surfing and exploring the local reefs. In 2012 she came to Wyoming Catholic College, where she climbed mountains, explored rivers and slept in snow caves for the first time. During her years as a WCC student, Jules fell in love with the outdoors and became an avid climber. In 2013, she began leading trips for WCC’s Outdoor Program and found a passion for teaching others in the outdoors. During this time she encountered Christ in the wilderness, and  has continued to instruct wilderness trips to help her students encounter their Creator in the natural world. She graduated in 2016 and now lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she teaches first and second grades at a Christian school. When not teaching or exploring her local wilderness, she can be found playing her fiddle, working on pottery, skiing in Jackson or climbing back in Lander.