Josephine Sederstrand

Class of 2024

Hometown: Owens Cross Roads, AL

All-time highlight so far: Putting on our class dance has been one of the highlights of being at WCC. It is the time when your class rallies together and puts on spirit like nothing else! The team spirit and hard work everyone puts in is so uplifting.

Favorite outdoor trip memory: My favorite outdoor trip memory would have to be rappelling and squeezing through the slot canyons in Utah. We had a marvelous group, and the beauty of the canyons was breathtaking.

Favorite Class at WCC: This past semester, I would have to say Theology 201. I loved learning about the Trinity because, even though I am a cradle Catholic, I never understood the beauty of the Trinity as well as I do now.

You would never guess that I shoot guns! Most people are surprised when I tell them this, but it was a big part of growing up in our family and has been ever since.